jo gates is an independent
friendly salon and a
creative space in the heart of Stevenage old town

about jo gates

Jo Gates is a friendly hair salon in the heart of Stevenage Old Town run by Jo, a talented
professional stylist with more than 20 years’ experience.
Since it opened in 2007, the salon has been a warm and welcoming space, where there’s always
coffee, tea and sometimes cake on offer. Jo’s experience is complemented by her creativity and
indepth understanding of the art of hairdressing. Whether you come in for a quick trim, a new hair
colour or a complete restyle, you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling amazing.
As well as her day-to-day magic with the comb and scissors and curlers, Jo is a hair loss
specialist. She works with the team at Cancer Hair Care in Stevenage, providing sensitive advice
and support and, one day a week, running the caring hair studio in the salon. And Jo Gates is the
only Stevenage salon working with Total Cover Plus, an advanced non-surgical hair replacement
system for men and women.